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What Is a Bounce Back Loan?

Interested in learning more about bounce back loans? Learn everything you need to know about this specific type of loan , including their terms and conditions and how they can help your UK-based business, by diving into this guide.
Updated 4 Jun, 2024



Komal Habib

Midweight Copywriter

What Is a Bounce Back Loan

The UK government launched a financial assistance programme called a bounce back loan to help small businesses who were impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. These loans are intended to assist companies in swiftly and conveniently obtaining the funds they need to meet their operational needs and overcome financial obstacles in these turbulent circumstances.

Key features of bounce back loans

The Bounce Back Loan consists of several key features that help your small UK-based business manage financial obstacles in an ever-changing business environment. These key features are:

Government-backed scheme

Bounce back loans are part of the government’s economic response to the COVID-19 crisis, aimed at providing financial relief to small businesses across the UK.

Fast and simplified application process

The expedited application process for bounce back loans is one of their main benefits. Companies can apply for loans online with approved lenders, requiring little documentation, and receive funds quickly, often in a matter of days after being approved.

Loan amounts and terms

With bounce back loans, qualifying companies can borrow a maximum of £50,000, or 25% of their yearly revenue, whichever is less. With advantageous terms, including a 12-month repayment holiday and a fixed interest rate of 2.5%, these loans give firms the breathing room and flexibility they desperately need.

No personal guarantees or security required

Unlike traditional business loans, bounce back loans do not require personal guarantees or collateral, making them more accessible to businesses with limited assets or collateral.

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How can bounce back loans benefit your business?

Bounce back loans offer several benefits to eligible businesses, including:

Financial support

The ability to obtain immediate funds to pay for necessities like rent, wages, and operating costs.


Favourable interest rates and flexible repayment terms reduce the financial burden and aid in the rehabilitation of businesses.

Simplified process

Minimal documentation requirements and a simplified application process ensure easy and quick access to funds.

Bounce back loan terms and conditions

Understanding the terms and conditions associated with bounce back loans is crucial before applying for this financial assistance scheme. Here are some key aspects to consider:

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for a bounce back loan, your business must meet specific eligibility criteria set by the government and participating lenders. These criteria typically include factors such as:

  • Being based in the UK
  • Being established before a certain date
  • Being adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Not being in bankruptcy or liquidation
  • Not having been disqualified or restricted from taking part in government aid programmes

Loan amount and repayment terms

Under bounce back loans, qualifying companies can borrow up to £50,000 or 25% of their yearly turnover, whichever is less. The loan term can be as long as six years, with a 12-month repayment holiday. Repayments typically start after the first 12-month repayment holiday period and are paid back in fixed monthly installments over the remaining loan term. Throughout the loan term, the interest rate is fixed at 2.5% annually.

Use of funds

Bounce back loans are intended to provide financial support to businesses for essential purposes, including:

  • Managing cash flow
  • Covering operational expenses
  • Paying salaries and wages
  • Settling outstanding debts or bills
  • Funds from bounce back loans should be used exclusively for legitimate business purposes and cannot be used for personal expenses or investments.

Interest rates and fees

For the duration of the loan, bounce back loans have a set interest rate of 2.5% annually. Businesses can reduce borrowing expenses and successfully manage repayment responsibilities with the help of this favorable interest rate. There are no establishment costs, arrangement fees, or early repayment penalties associated with bounce back loans. On the other hand, firms might have to pay extra for missing or delayed payments.

Repayment obligations

It is the borrower’s responsibility to return the loan in full, including any accumulated interest, under the agreed repayment plan. If payments are not made on time, there could be fines, additional costs, or negative effects on the company’s credit rating. Businesses must carefully plan and budget their money to make sure they can fulfill their loan repayment commitments and stay out of default.

Reporting and compliance

It is mandatory for businesses that obtain bounce back loans to have precise documentation of their loan usage and associated financial transactions. To make sure that the terms and conditions of the loan agreement are being followed, lenders may perform audits or reviews regularly. The lender or government authorities may take legal action against non-compliance with reporting requirements or misuse of loan funds.

Consequences of default

Defaulting on a bounce back loan can have serious repercussions for a business, including:

  • To collect unpaid debts, the lender may take legal action.
  • Impaired credit standing of the company, making it more difficult to obtain new funding
  • Possible confiscation of collateral or assets if the loan was secured by business property

It’s essential for businesses to communicate openly with their lenders if they encounter financial difficulties and explore options for restructuring or refinancing the loan to avoid default. By understanding these terms and conditions, businesses can make informed decisions about applying for bounce back loans and ensure compliance with the requirements of the scheme.

It’s advisable to consult with financial advisors or legal experts for personalized guidance and support in navigating the loan application process and managing repayment obligations effectively.

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By understanding the fundamentals of bounce back loans and exploring how they can benefit your business, you can make informed decisions to navigate challenging times and position your business for success.

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Can I apply for a bounce back loan through OneMoneyWay?

OneMoneyWay does not directly offer bounce back loans. However, we can provide guidance and support in navigating the application process and accessing financial resources through our network of trusted partners and lenders.

Are bounce back loans suitable for all types of businesses?

Bounce back loans are primarily intended for small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, eligibility criteria and loan terms may vary, so it’s essential to assess your business’s specific circumstances and consult with financial experts for personalised advice.

How can I determine if a bounce back loan is the right option for my business?

Consider factors such as your business’s financial needs, eligibility for other forms of financial assistance, and ability to repay the loan. Conduct a thorough assessment of your business’s financial situation and consult with financial advisors to determine the most suitable financing options for your needs.

Komal Habib

Content Writer at OneMoneyWay

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